About CMR

Canadian Market Review provides an no-holds-barred analysis on economics, finance, and politics. CMR is meant to be a breath of fresh air in the smog of prejudices and falsehoods that dominates Canadian thinking.

For all you social media addicts, CMR has a Twitter account! @CdnMarketReview


DISCLAIMER: This is strictly an information site. If investment strategies are discussed, it is under the protection of Canada’s “fundamental freedom” of free speech as per the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Such discussions shall not be construed as recommendations to buy or sell any securities or financial instruments. You are responsible for understanding and implementing any investment strategy discussed or implied. Consult a qualified adviser who understands your finances before you do anything based on something you read on the internet. Any action you take based on something you read at this site is your own responsibility. This site is not connected with any brokerage firm, securities or commodities exchange, or other sellers of investments. This site is not licensed by any government agency.


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