Which Science Can We Trust?

Since the science of global warming is a sham, it makes you wonder what other scientific shams are out there making our lives worse.

For 50 years, we’ve been told that fats are bad and you will get fat if you eat fat and you will die.

Well, maybe that’s not actually true.

The saturated fats found in meat and dairy produce are not as bad for health as previously believed, a study has found. However, the scientists who conducted the research have warned against reaching for the butter dish.

A major study into the health implications of dietary fats has failed to find a link between food containing saturated fats, such as eggs, chocolate and cream, and an increased risk of dying from heart disease, stroke or type-2 diabetes.

The study nevertheless did find that industrially-produced “trans-fats” made from hydrogenated oils, and once used in margarine, snack foods and packaged baked foods such as some cakes and crisps, are linked with a greater risk of death from coronary heart disease.

The latest findings, published in the British Medical Journal, appear to confirm the growing realisation that the prevailing health advice for the past half century to cut down on foods that are rich in saturated fats such as butter and cheese may have been misguided.

Oops. Yet another example of arrogant scientists being so sure they were right, then it turns out they were wrong.

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