$30 Billion Canadian Navy Warship Boondoggle


The construction of 15 fancy new warships for the navy — which Canada doesn’t even need — will cost more than twice as much as the original government estimate. Instead of $14 billion, it will be $30 billion.

Maybe more. Probably more.

Waving big numbers like this around often leaves people unfazed because “billion” is so big it’s hard to appreciate. But for Canada, $30B this is a huge number. It’s more than 10% of the whole government’s annual budget.

It would take the income tax bill of three million average Canadian families to cover this amount.

It would cover the entire federal healthcare transfer for an entire year.

You know the defense contractors are loving this.

CMR Law 17: Whenever the government gives you a cost estimate, the real cost will be at least twice as much.

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