Is Bank of America: confusing and confused.

Bank of America is suffering bad publicity over bad foreclosures and bad finances over bad mortgages.

In a confusing PR move, they send their “Senior Economist” over to Bloomberg to discuss the economy. This video is a few weeks old now, but you should take a look. The videos from Bloomberg cannot be embedded, so you will have to visit their site.

This Senior Economist looks like she is 16 years old. Eighteen, tops. She does not speak with confidence and gives mostly what sounds like canned, rudimentary answers. She does not instill confidence that her analysis is cogent.

Consider for a moment Bloomberg’s main audience: Middle-aged men with money. I imagine such people look at this young woman like their old buddy’s daughter who has just come back from first year at university with an A+ in Economics 101, and now has the the pretense to offer genuine insight.

If I were BoA, I would have sent an old man to Bloomberg who exuded reams of wisdom with something interesting to say. BoA is the biggest bank in the United States and this makes them look silly.


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