Scary NDP Climate Change Survey Reveals Their Desired Policies

Members of Notley’s NDP government are global warming radicals. Remember that the global warming movement is not actually about science and global warming, which is why global warming fanatics disregard the mountain of evidence that refutes them. Global warming activists slavishly cling to junk science because they yearn for power where lawmakers, bureaucrats, and crony capitalists who favor socialism can gain control over the economy.

With that in mind, the government has released a fake survey regarding Alberta’s policies on climate change. It is fake because they really don’t care what anyone thinks. It’s like “you can choose any color you like as long as it’s red.”

(By the way, you don’t need to be an Albertan to take the survey.)

Basically, it is a rather unfair survey. It doesn’t really give you the option to reject all the proposals. Sure, it asks you whether you support more “government action” on climate change, but after that you only get loaded questions and the option to rank various dumb policies from most awesome to least awesome. So obviously the plan is to disregard any opinion where the respondent says they want no further government action on climate change, and just tally up results the rest of the survey and say “Such and such are the policies Albertans support the most!”

First it asks you whether you are worried about climate change. Well, despite all the chatter about it, no one really seems to be all that concerned about climate change to be honest. They care about it less and less with each year, and it’s at the bottom of their list when it comes to environmental issues.

global warming gallup poll


From there, each section starts with a preamble of deceptive, shallow propaganda. A large section of deception precedes the bulk of the survey:

The world’s climate has changed at an unprecedented rate since the 1950s. Increasing concentration of greenhouse gases have warmed the atmosphere, diminishing snow and ice, warming oceans, raising sea levels, and causing more extreme weather, such as floods and droughts. We can also see its effects locally through impacts such as the spread of the mountain pine beetle.

Scientific evidence tells us that – without significant action on a global scale – the consequences of climate change will be severe.

Even if all of this were true (it isn’t; global warming exists only in the minds of charlatans and cranks), it doesn’t follow that we can or should use the government to do anything about it. So the survey basically starts off with a big non sequitur and by lying to the respondent .

Then comes the craziness:

In advance of the conference, the Government of Canada has proposed a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. While Alberta’s energy-based economy helps fuel economic growth across Canada, we also account for approximately 37 per cent of Canada’s total emissions. The reputational impact of Canada’s action on climate change is likely to fall heavily on our province, which has already drawn domestic and international criticism.

This is really awful. The NDP is telling us that we should ravage the economy for the sake of our reputation among contemptuous and ignorant people — within and without Canada — who might not like us because we burn a lot of fossil fuels while we recover even more fossil fuels, supporting humanity with cheap energy which makes the modern world’s economy possible at all. At the same time, some people seeking power in the next federal election want to prevent Alberta from mining tar sands and burning fossil fuels in the process.

Slight detour: Regardless of any commitment Ottawa makes, there is no real constitutional authority for the federal government to interfere with a province’s resource development. The 1982 Amendments to the Constitution Act explicitly state the that the provinces have exclusive jurisdiction over their non-renewable natural resources. Of course, as always with these matters, there are some loopholes. The federal government has jurisdiction over  “local Works and Undertakings declared by the Parliament of Canada to be for the Advantage of two or more of the Provinces.” That’s a problem. Plus, we had the National Energy Program regardless of any constitutional division of powers. So the Constitution Act doesn’t seem to be worth a damn. On the other hand, provincial governments have the constitutional right to do anything they want regarding the resources in their territories.

But anyway…

Then the propaganda tries to make us care about another climate change conference and fairy tale treaties:

In December 2015, the United Nations is hosting the Conference of Parties in Paris. The desired outcome is to create a binding treaty that will commit all nations to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

This is completely Irrelevant. These treaties never go anywhere. No one cares about them. There are no sanctions. The governments of the world never bothered to implement the Kyoto treaty of 1992 or its update in 1997. It lapsed on with the end of 2012. Game over. No one cares.

Then comes this nonsense:

Alberta’s energy economy depends on its ability to reach – and sell – our resources in markets throughout North America and around the world. These markets are increasingly demanding cleaner forms of energy. If we don’t take action on climate change locally, Alberta will find itself increasingly isolated and shut out of markets.

This is just wrong and sneakily misleading. When it comes to the environmental issue, opposition to the pipeline infrastructure stems from people, rightly or wrongly, being afraid of toxic substances flowing through the country in pipelines with the potential to leak out or spill and poison everything around them and kill everybody. It has nothing to do with climate change! Alberta can implement all the climate change policies it wants, but people will still have rational and irrational concerns about pipelines. Alberta’s efforts to access new markets for its products will not at all be helped by its abusive government’s bigger, badder climate change policies.

From there, the various agree/disagree questions reveal all the dream policies of the NDP. Question #14 is where it becomes obvious that they don’t care about your opinion. These are the things the NDP wants and it’s going to do them.

Now, thinking about the options discussed above, please rank them by priority with the highest being the action you would most like to see taken. Drag the choices into your preferred order, or use the arrow buttons to move the options up or down.


So it asks you to rank a bunch of terrible policies that all belong in the “evil and uneconomical” category: an exploitative interprovincial cap n’ trade system, increasing taxes on industrial companies that burn fossil fuels, increasing subsidies to companies with political connections, increasing taxes on everyone, and subsidizing middle and upper class people who own buildings and houses.

You’ll notice it fails to include the option of “no further government intervention, thanks.”

Then in goes on to ask whether you support more horrible policies, including:

  • Redistributing money to favored municipalities and spending more money on government institutions for “retrofits”
  • Subsidizing homeowners (which tend to be middle or upper class people) with ‘incentives’ and grants (theoretically, incentives could include reducing taxes and regulations on more energy efficient technology — but who are we kidding? This is the NDP).
  • Subsidizing and protecting politically favored renewable energy producers.
  • Literally killing (or “phasing out,” as the NDP likes to say) an industry that some people don’t like. Don’t you love when the government decides who will be in business and who won’t be?

This is all quite terrifying. This tells us what the NDP wants. They just want to beat us over the head with fake survey results in a pathetic attempt to justify their destructive policies.

If you want bureaucratic control over the economy, inefficiency, unemployment, and impoverishment, you should support the NDP’s climate change policy.

If you want to subsidize India and China, where they don’t care about the bureaucratic rules and regulatory systems in Alberta, then you should support the NDP’s climate change policies.

If you want to get less energy and pay more for everything, then support the NDP’s climate policies.

If you are a good person, you should oppose them.


17 Responses to Scary NDP Climate Change Survey Reveals Their Desired Policies

  1. JR says:

    Excellent piece. “Scary” is right.

    Took the survey and left a comment noting the lack of a “none of the below” choice for the ranked list of government actions.

    Ezra Levant also covers it well here:

  2. Neil Lizotte says:

    Please watch the YouTube Movie called Acid Test and if you still can not understand we have to act fast, something is clouding your judgement like a job in the oil field or related field.

    But a job is not worth the future of the worlds children and the life of every living creature in our oceans.

    97 % of World scientists believe that man has drastically increased global warming and if you open your eyes you will see the signs of climate change everywhere around the globe.

    There will be more jobs with new clean energy technologies like LENR for industrial heat of factories and power plants 100% green and very cheap with lots of room for profits for business and governments.

    Industrial heat for factories, manufacturing and heating power plants accounts for around 80% of Co2 emissions.

    We can reduce emissions by 80% very fast by 2020 just by taiking advantage of LENR technologies of Brillouin Energy’s Brillouin Hot Tube Boiler and Industrial Heats E Cat, invented by Andrea Rossi.

    These zero emission options that will create jobs across Canada and the World the time to invest in the mass production.

    Andrea Rossi stated that he heated his laboratory for a six month period of time with about $10.00 worth of nickel and hydrogen and created no pollution in the process.

    Also coming to market a breakthrough fast charging graphene super capacitor and solar panel all in one cell

    Coming to Alberta very soon and these solar panels take a few minutes to fully charge the combined super capacitor maybe.

    They also have a 10,000 farad fast charging graphene super capacitor that in your electric vehicle will charge maybe faster then you can fill up with fuel.

    • CMR says:

      See, this is what I’m talking about. The documentary “Acid Test” is unscientific propaganda. The “97% of scientists agree” thing is a lie that just gets repeated over and over without any justification. And of course, fantastic claims that we can reduce emissions by 80% in five years because of some magic technology invented by that scammer Andrea Rossi is total nonsense. Andrea Rossi is a liar and all his inventions are total failures. You are a rube, and Andrea Rossi has put the shucks on you.

      • Neil Lizotte says:

        You are wrong on everything and Andrea Rossi is no fraud. The Ecat SK is commercially available today selling industrial heat.

        Andrea Rossi was converting garbage into fuel decades ago, taking on the mob in the waste industry in Italy and a corrupt government.

        Andrea Rossi had several happy customers for his fuel, maybe you should do some research be you spout off.

        Ocean acidification is a reality, due the research.

        PS. I worked on the oil rigs for nine years and most of my family worked the oil patch.

        Fast charging graphene batteries will enter the market soon, and they are very safe with the ability to drive a nail thru the working battery with no harmful effect and the battery continues to supply power to a motor.

        The current Ecat SK is a modular 22kW industrial heat system and if your in the USA and certain other countries you can buy industrial heat produced by the Ecat Sk for about 25% less than your best fossil fuels.

        There are several LENR companies getting ready for mass production and LENR has 8000,000 times the power density of our best fossil fuel, and in the future has the potential to provide industrial heat to turn the turbines in power plants maybe right now, and provide industrial heat at a very affordable price. Systems for heating your home are waiting for safety approval. LENR has the potential to power every form of transportation on land, sea, air and even deep space travel.

        A very conservative website tracks LENR progress and reality

        If you read all the peer reviewed papers on climate change that were submitted by climate change scientists, you will find that 97% of these papers support the fact that mankind has dramatically increased the speed of climate change and the remaining who disagree have been debunked and several were found to be bought and paid for skeptics paid for by big oil.

        In case you did not notice the Kock brothers withdrew their investment in the oilsands and so did others why?

        Shrinking demand for fossil fuels.

        PS, global shift of our planet and every other claim against climate change has been debunked.

        If you would like to see a fast charging graphene battery just ask, it can be arranged.

        PS. The entire world is going green even India and China so wake up.

        The way it is going India will be carbon neutral before Canada.

        Just six inches of sea level rise will be devastating creating 100,000,000″s of new climate refugees and Canada will be the place of choice for people to live, as Canada is one of the very few countries that will in 300 years still be above water and, that can’t be stopped we waited too long to act.

        Although I support solar and wind they are not 24/7 power and LENR systems work 24/7/365 and every business, home, vehicle that will be powered by LENR will need a highly paid service tech, possible a boiler maker to inspect the boiler chamber and insert a new recharge cartridge making LENR the world’s largest employer in the near future.

        LENR stands for a new form of nuclear power which does not require radioactive fuels and emits no harmful waste bi-products of any kind.

        With industrial heat from LENR hitting the market early 2019 the demand for fossil fuels will drop very fast as industrial heat is the largest user of fossil fuels.

        Why is industrial heat not being sold in Canada?

        Ask Trudeau

      • Neil Lizotte says:

        The only thing unscientific is everything you write, do the research and wikipedia is a bogus website where any tom, dick or harry can publish total bullshit.

    • 97 % of World scientists believe that man has drastically increased global warming and if you open your eyes you will see the signs of climate change everywhere around the globe.

      can you support this statement with a few facts….I doubt it you are so deeply embedded in cloud cookoo land

      • CMR says:

        The “97% of scientists agree” is a lie. Go ahead and repeat this lie all you want, but it makes you look foolish.

        • The Tragically Flip says:

          Nope, it’s robust and repeated in further studies that Watts/Batt/Spencer ignore, like Cook et Al from 2013.

          Really if you think this is so easy to debunk, why doesn’t someone taking Heartland’s money go and do their own study and find a significantly higher than 3% result for “climate scientists who do not accept both that global warming is real and humans are the primary cause”?

          Go, survey 1000 climate scientists and see if you can find 40 or more deniers. Go pull the abstracts or contents of 1000 papers and find 40+ that dispute the consensus. The methods behind the 97% consensus result are available to deniers too. Instead of trying to nit-pick these published papers unaccountably via op-eds, go do some actual science if you think this result is wrong.

          If this could be done, it would have been done. Instead we get Inhofe’s silly list of misquotes and the Oregon Petition full of anyone with a STEM bachelors or better being falsely presented as climate experts.

          • CMR says:

            See, you actually prove yourself wrong by referring to Cook. Anyone who actually looks at Cook’s dumb study can see that it doesn’t support your claims at all. Nice try though.

            But even if 97% of the scientists did agree, it wouldn’t matter, a) because they are wrong, and b) because it is a total non sequitur to go from “humans are affecting climate change” to “we need to subsidize politically connected corporations and increase the socialization of the economy.”

            • Shinku says:

              Excellent response. Anyone can “repeat” the bad experiments that climate change advocates claim. If the model is 1+1 = 2 of course all of the graphs will results the same. What refutes Global warming is OBSERVATIONS vs Simulation. (note There is no such thing as Experimentation with Climate science. Climate science is as weak a science as the humanities. it is Pseudo-scientific that uses some Hard science but are in reality not subject-able to experimentation.

              and 77 scientists do not make a 97% consensus. As you have said. Most scientists are wrong and will be wrong the future. These clowns don’t know a thing about science.

              So to Tragically Flip you are wrong. Satellite measurements have refuted everything that came out of “SkepticalScience”. Robust my ass. Wrong is still wrong.

              • Neil Lizotte says:

                Please watch Acid Test on YouTube and explain the very fast rising acid levels in our oceans which is the other Co2 problem. I would hate for the World to do nothing to fight climate change and find out as I believe that you are wrong and then It will be too late to do anything.

                Regardless fossil fuels will be replaced very soon with clean energy systems like LENR and fast charging grapheme super capacitors. Also Graphene solar panels with fast charging super capacitor all in one cell. WE have had enough of toxic fuels, oil spills which are impossible to clean up and bitumen is your worst nightmare to clean up. One tanker spill and a whole eco system that people rely on for food and work.

                Any investment in fossil; fuels will become stranded and I do not care if we bankrupt every oil company on the planet.

                • Trevor Marr says:

                  The oceans are huge, vast, deep! One foot down and for the next several miles, they have no idea that humans even exist! We are being scammed!

                  We optimize, NOT eliminate! We are a huge country, with a small population, in a COLD climate, with 40% of a World required energy resource that is involved in almost EVERY part of modern society!

                  I support the oil sands, we continue to evolve, however it is unfortunate that misguided eco agendas appear that they don’t!?!

        • Neil Lizotte says:

          Is that a website with peer reviewed papers by actual scientists?

          read the peer reviewed papers and count them and do the math if you can

      • Trevor Marr says:

        Yes anyone still pushing the 97% lie after all these years is foolishly misinformed or trying to deceive.

  3. FlynPig Ranch says:

    You can send your thoughts direct to the CCP by clicking on the Get Involved link on the top right hand side on the survey page. They promise to address your concerns!

  4. Trevor Marr says:

    Watch out! The misguided agenda driven AB NDP is looking to close a CO2 emitting pig farm near you today!

  5. Leonard Pawluski says:

    I think everyone should watch John Casey a ex nasa scientist on climate change if this guy is right we are in trouble and lied to by our politicians by the media and by the 97 per cent of the scientists I believe I will get ready for what he is telling us to do aftet all would you go with 90 percent or junk science.

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