Anyone Who Hates Fossil Fuels Is Anti-Human

aaa1Sources: Boden, Marland, Andres (2010); Bolt and van Zanden (2013); World Bank, World Development Indicators (WDI) Online Data, April 2014


5 Responses to Anyone Who Hates Fossil Fuels Is Anti-Human

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  3. Nobody hates fossil fuels. They unlocked unprecedented wealth. What’s your point?

    • CMR says:

      Interesting. Well it seems that a lot of people hate fossil fuels and think using them for energy is killing the human race and/or destroying the planet. Have you ever talked with radical environmentalists or global warming propagandists? They’re a wild bunch.

  4. Norbert Kausen CD says:

    Too bad everyone seems to have the blinders on when it comes to fossil fuels! Yes, fossil fuels are destroying the human race in many ways, from corruption in the way fossil fuels are exploited in third world countries, to the detriment of the aboriginals of these countries, to wars waged for the control of oil in various countries, by the west, without any regard to the damage done to people or their environments. It’s ALL about the money and only the money! Oil has become the driving force behind a global economy and it is controls the prices of all commodities and products globally. It does not matter what happens to the people. Lastly, as oil becomes less attractive and more people become unemployed as it becomes adjusted to more realistic cost levels, people become irrational with their thinking about oil. It is the modern version of “gold fever”. It is the quest for oil that is making people anti-human!

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