Canadian Universities Are Like Puppy Mills

The business model of Canadian universities has evolved to take in any doofus with cash, acquiesce to their ridiculous sense of entitlement to keep the tuition cheques coming, and churn out a glut of low quality (useless?) graduates. Oh yes, and devour tax money while they’re at it.

Professor Peter Bowal writes:

In more than 30 years of experience as a university professor, I have observed that threats and unsettling behaviour by students have not only increased in the last decade, they also seem to be more tolerated by the administration. The fact that universities are now opening their doors to anyone who wants a degree means that more and more students who may not be well-suited to a traditional academic environment are being welcomed.

Professors are commanded to quietly grant students the accommodations they ask for. As competition for Canadian post-secondary students has ramped up, institutions now view students as steady revenue-producing customers. Teachers are supposed to give them what they want and keep them happy.  Annual enrolment and retention targets are to be met. Discernment, rigour and discipline belong to another era.

Post-modernism and humanism have washed over our educational institutions, so that today, we cannot even agree on what inappropriate student behaviour is, much less who, if anyone, is responsible for it, and what we might do to curtail it. I offer just a few examples from my own recent experience of behaviour on by students that would not likely be considered acceptable off campus.

— Read more at National Post


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