Alberta Floods 2013: Calgary Flood Fascism

A crisis always brings out the best in people.

And it always brings out the worst in government.



5 Responses to Alberta Floods 2013: Calgary Flood Fascism

  1. Source of article image? Which newspaper on what date?

  2. kittyantonikwakfer says:

    Toronto Sun reporting “state of emergency” (aka martial law) is extended to July 4: How many people understand what this means? Gov (Canada as well as US & all the rest) grants “rights” and then leaves itself backdoor to rescind them when it decides is “necessary”.

    • CMR says:

      Rights mean very little when they can be so easily denied by government caprice.

      • kittyantonikwakfer says:

        Actually “rights” really don’t mean anything, as you are seeing. They’re a concept that is contradictory as well as incomplete. Take an intellectual chew on this alternate view for an orderly society without governments, paying special attention to section on “rights”.
        This treatise with the twin-framework implementations of the Social Meta-Needs theory – The Natural Social Contract (a new conception with no relation to Rousseau’s or anyone else’s) & Social Preferencing – are envisioned as replacements for existing governments, all of which are described & regulated (in the US alone) via thousands of volumes & many millions (?billions?) of words enabling tens of thousands of lawyers to charge handsomely to serve as “gatekeepers” for the common folk. This is not a breezy read, so a reader needs to make some time to go through it. I say this as a warning for those looking for & used to soundbites on which to walk away with, thinking that such bromides are really foundational and meaningful as a solution to serious social problems. Intellectual chewing is urged and public reasoned critiques, using quotes.

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