Alberta Flood 2013: Redford Promises “Whatever It Takes.” Uh Oh.

Premier Redford will help Alberta “no matter the cost.” How generous. But the Alberta government has no money. It’s all spent.

So what her promises really mean is the people who have already suffered enough from flooding will suffer further when Redford taxes them more and grows a bigger debt to dump on them. She would never in a million years cut any spending to free up cash because of unforeseen circumstances.

She will probably use this opportunity to push her darling PST for which she desperately yearns. Of course, it will be promoted as merely a “temporary measure,” but nothing is more permanent than a temporary tax.

Government policy is going to turn this “state of emergency” into a permanently worse Alberta.


One Response to Alberta Flood 2013: Redford Promises “Whatever It Takes.” Uh Oh.

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